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Where does the name come from?

Zuben-el-dschenubi or Zubenelgenubi (from arab. الزبانى الجنوبي az-zubānā al-ğanūbī ) is the name of the star Alpha Librae (α Librae) in the constellation Libra. Zuben-el-dschenubi is a white star of spectral type A3 IV at a distance of 75.8 light years. It has an apparent brightness of +2.75 mag and an absolute brightness of 0.92 mag. Zuben-el-dschenubi can be covered by the moon and planets as an ecliptic star. The last occultation of Zuben-el-dschenubi by a planet took place on 25 October 1947 by Venus, the next occultation of Zuben-el-dschenubi by a planet, which is very difficult to observe due to low solar elongation, will take place on 10 November 2052 by Mercury. The position angle of the companion star is 314 degrees. On August 21, 2016, the IAU defined the proper name Zubenelgenubi as the standardized proper name, but only for the main star α2. (Source: Wikipedia)


Zubenelgenubi (abbreviated Zuben-Ubi, SV is the abbreviation for Sailling Vessel) is thus the alpha star in the constellation Libra and in the HO tables it is, sorted by alphabet, the last star for the star navigation. The sign (underlined Omega) symbolizes the Librae and the star in the upper right corner should represent the Alphastern in the constellation. 


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